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Official Absanity - Amer The Hammer's Absanity

With Absanity you will increase your metabolism. The easiest way to melt off the fat is by increasing your metabolism by following the High Intensity Power Training method formulated by Amer the Hammer.

Research shows by performing high intensity workouts and cardio sessions for a shorter amount of time, you will actually burn more calories throughout the rest of the day.

I started the Absanity program just a little over 7 weeks ago, and week by week I've noticed major improvements in my overall physique and more importantly my energy and well-being. I decided to quit smoking and start making the necessary changes to start living a more healthy lifestyle, and that's where I came across Amer The Hammer's Absanity program.

I must admit, at first it was a challenge jumping from unhealthy habits to making the right dietary decisions and being physically active. One thing I found very intriguing was that Absanity can be effective for all levels of physical fitness.

Myself, having started at the lowest level of physical fitness, and smoking and even drinking from time to time, I've made incredible improvements in only 7 short weeks. So far, I've lost 19 lbs, and 4 inches on my waist, and I'm not stopping there.

I call Absanity my saviour, because if I didn't come across this unique and effective program, then I wouldn't feel as alive as I do today. Absanity has taught me how to eat cleaner, make better decisions unrelated to fitness, improve my relationship with my wife, and overall has made me a whole new person that I didn't even know existed.

I recommend anyone, whether in shape or out of shape, to take the Absanity challenge, because its totally changed my life and I'm extremely confident that it would change yours too. After my 12 weeks is complete, I won't be stopping there.

I'm looking forward to what Amer The Hammer will come out with next and believe me I'm more than prepared for it now that I'm a major step ahead with Absanity.

Many of these FAD DIETS are too extreme that they are impossible to follow or ever maintain. All of these "low carb" "no carb" "low fat" "no fat" diets always result in one thing…failure!

The truth is these low calorie "diets" decrease your bodies temperature, which lower your metabolic rate. The rate at which your body burns calories decreases, why the heck would you want to do that?

The worst part is that once the diet is over, you will end up gaining even more weight then you lost, which will make you heavier then when you started the diet.

You heard right, as soon as the diet is over, and you start eating normal once again, you will put on more weight because now your METABOLISM HAS CRASHED, so you are burning less calories then when you started!

Weight loss and diet products are a MULTI BILLION dollar industry, that's right BILLIONS of dollars are made out of tricking you into buying products that are created for you to FAIL. That's right, the more you fail, the more money there is to be made by these big corporations!

Amer and I have been working hard during my off season to restore my metabolism back to a healthy state with a healthier maintainable diet, and far less cardio. My workouts have been changed to fit my needs, since my metabolism had come to a standstill; my workouts are super sets with minimal rest to keep my heart rate pumping, we have also added in metabolic training which is a circuit that I perform at the end of each workout to help speed up my metabolism.

Cardio has been extremely lowered from what I was used to, less than an hour a day appose to 2-3 hours that I had previously been doing. Amer has made me change my whole perspective on life itself.

He's not only a coach who wants you to LOOK your best, but he wants you to be at your healthiest mind state too. He cares more about how you feel on the inside than how you look on the outside.

He's made...
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