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The 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo: Bust Cravings & Find Food Freedom!

Join the tens of thousands of people who have successfully completed the program – put your nutrition decisions on auto-pilot and finally break the chains from sugar and carbs.

Have you struggled with cravings? Or maybe you find yourself constantly slipping back into bad habits and just can’t seem to get yourself on track?

What about brain fog, cloudy thinking, and trouble sleeping, or even trouble concentrating on the task at-hand?

Have you tried to complete nutrition challenges before but felt overwhelmed, restricted and just plain hungry?!

You’ve been led to fear the exact foods that will not only help you overcome those cravings, but also discover the boost of energy you’ve been searching for, and effortlessly drop excess body fat.

And, what’s more, is that the foods you should be eating to achieve these results taste amazing and will bring joy and pleasure back to your dinner table.

I’ve heard it time and time again from my clients and readers– “I can’t seem to stop wanting sweets and carbs”

There are tons of diet plans out there promising rapid and unrealistic results – “lose 10 pounds in a week” or “Just take this powder, potion, or magic shake and your cravings (and bodyfat) will magically disappear!”

I’m here to show you exactly the foods your body truly needs and craves, that’ll set you on the path of Food Freedom once and for all…

Freedom from cravings… from the chains of feeling unsure about what to choose – and to help you put your nutrition decisions on autopilot.

“But, Diane, you’ve probably never struggled with cravings! This has probably always been easy for you!”

You see… before I studied nutrition, before I ever worked with clients, and well before I traveled the country teaching seminars to thousands of people, I had the same struggles that you have right now.

My daily diet consisted of oatmeal or non-fat yogurt with fruit for breakfast, a sandwich on whole grain bread with fat-free mayo for lunch, and for dinner, a Portobello mushroom in place of beef, grilled up atop a whole wheat bun.

I didn’t realize that the “healthy” foods I was eating were literally leaving me hungry all day, and at the bottom of a blood sugar crash! My granola bars and high-fiber cereal were to blame, but I didn’t know where else to turn – that’s what I was supposed to eat, right? Those were health foods, weren’t they?

“The 21-Day Sugar Detox has changed me for the better. Diane's program is laid out in an extremely easy to use way, and the possible benefits are just amazing! I wanted to get in control of my cravings and this program helped me to do that, along with many other perks as well. [My] cravings are way more in control now, and I have the self confidence to know I can make the right decisions when it comes to my food choices. I saved money, cooking for myself, not buying treats, not buying alcohol, etc. [and] I gained confidence in myself and my own abilities. Doing something you never thought possible is just an incredible feeling! I believe in my ability to make the right health choices now, and I love it. Overall it was an incredibly positive experience! I feel so happy with my body, my mind, my choices, and my life! THANK YOU DIANE! You have changed me in a very positive way." - Samantha G., Ottawa, ON,

“This has been my second time to participate in The 21-Day Sugar Detox. Prior to my first go-round I ate pretty well, but I hadn't taken the plunge to eliminate all gluten and legumes. After detoxing the first time I felt much better and I was able to detect certain foods that don't sit well with me, like peanuts and beans. In addition, I had the preconceived notion that most "clean" recipes required obscure ingredients that cost an arm and a leg. But after cooking sugar-free, gluten-free meals for 21 days, I realized that eating clean could happen affordably with a little...
The 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo: Bust Cravings & Find Food Freedom! Reviewed by Moh Sle on 11:43 PM Rating: 5
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